The Secret of Reading Books for Children

Are you aware that our generation almost loses its passion for reading at the moment? They prefer playing videos or MP3s as entertainment when alone. The passion for reading for children must be improved early on, when they are still primary school is a very appropriate time to increase reading passion. Don’t let your children spend all their vacation time in front of PlayStation giving them the opportunity to read books, facilitate them by reading books from Guided Reading Books.

Let technology advance rapidly, but don’t let children lazy to read books. When children spend hours reading books, they are actually in an imagination. Their brains imagine the contents of the reading, they are imagining everywhere. From the references I read; proving that at least half an hour of reading a day keeps one from following the development of writing style and increasing vocabulary.

Reading will increase new vocabulary, when compared to other activities such as playing games and listening to music, reading books is more productive. Having a large vocabulary will provide many benefits for children; the longer the children read the more words they get. It also helps children speak and express many things well and confidently. Those who read well, will speak well, and have extensive knowledge on various topics. It is really happy if our child has extensive knowledge.

If you read various results of research on reading to children, then you will find various proofs and benefits of reading for children. Students who started the habit of reading books from their childhood showed extraordinary language skills and the perfect ability to understand differences in phonics. Therefore, parents are encouraged to familiarize children with reading as early as possible. Parents are advised to provide reading books carefully selected by education experts; one of them is through Book Bands.

Talking about the benefits of reading for children will never run out. There are a million benefits of reading books for children, if you want to know the benefits more deeply you can look for them on the internet. I will not discuss it further because maybe the parents already know that.

Okay, let’s review from other aspects; the book contains words, and the words have the usual strength to stir up the emotions and thoughts of the child. The human brain is only able to store words in the form of images. When a word is pronounced, the mind will immediately convert the word into one or a series of images in our mind that are in line with our memory or life experience related to that word. The point is the words in the reading book will affect children’s emotions and thoughts. Therefore, parents must provide reading books that contain positive values. To get a reading book containing positive values, parents can search through